Come aboard

You are a student or researcher in the marine sciences or environmental studies?

You want to develop a one-off or medium to long-term project aboard the Fondation Pacifique sailboats as part of its oceanic expeditions?

You would like to know more about the technical and logistical aspects of the sailboats in order to develop such a project?

You need to come onboard because your research requires it or your project permits the instalment of equipment on board?

For these questions and many more, please contact us to explore your concept and transform your ideas into a high impact project:

With a decidedly humanitarian vision, since its creation, the Fondation Pacifique embodies solidarity and complementarity through concrete, high impact achievements to the benefit of oceans and humans at an international level.


The Fondation Pacific’s ambition is to help the oceanographic community by making its expedition sailboats available to the advancement of science. Unlike conventional oceanographic research vessels, these are not floating laboratories but multidimensional logistics platforms capable of carrying very high-tech equipment for implementation both in the context of oceanic crossings as well as for coastal routes.

General principles
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